Getting Started with Gingerfeet

Getting Started with GingerFeet

Congratulations! Your website and CiviCRM are built. You've had your complimentary training sessions. Now what?

If you're like us, you just want to dive in and get your feet wet but that pesky learning curve is still there. Hurrumph! That's why we've created two pithy guides to help you start the process of really learning what you need to succeed: the Drupal Getting Started User Guide and CiviCRM Getting Started User Guide.These two guides are designed to get you zipping along on the main tasks involved with managing your website and CiviCRM.

In addition, we encourage you to search our support forums. By visiting our support forums (don't forget — you'll need to register) you can get your simple-use questions answered quickly and directly from both GingerFeet staff as well as the GingerFeet community at large. Contributing to community is what we're all about here at GingerFeet. When you post your question on the forums you help the GingerFeet community grow. Because if you've got a question, it's likely that someone else does too!

For more in-depth instruction we've compiled a list of external references (below the guides) to help further your education if you're inclined to do some searching on your own, but we also have several tech support packages, offer periodic training webinars and one-on-one training.

Tech Support Packages Additional Training (up to 20 people)
$50/month $40/per person 2-hour sessions

Drupal Logo

Drupal Getting Started User Guide

What you can do with the Drupal content management system is a lot! So here's the basics for getting you up and running fast. In the Drupal Getting Started User Guide, learn how to add new pages, menu items, images and files, create and administer users and create links.

Drupal Getting Started User Guide

Other Drupal Resources

Lots and lots of online documentation and forums.

Articles, podcasts and videos all available for free.

Drupal Therapy
High quality screencasts available for free.

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CiviCRM Getting Started User Guide

CiviCRM is a powerful and comprehensive application. To get you up and running quickly, check out the CiviCRM Getting Started User Guide, which includes working with contacts, households and organizations, creating contribution pages, sending mailings, setting up an event and creating memberships.

CiviCRM Getting Started User Guide

Other CiviCRM Resources

CiviCRM User/Administrator Guide
The CiviCRM User/Admin book is a great resource with tons of information.

CiviCRM Floss Manuals
Developed by a Netherlands based non-profit organization and utilizing their own version of wiki-type software (called Booki), they've created a comprehensive guide to all things CiviCRM.

Nothing but CiviCRM. Everything you wanted to know about CiviCRM. Loads of documentation.