To support you, we offer three interactive forums on our forum website. When you post to the Forum, your questions are saved, the answers are saved and everyone benefits. Please be sure and search for an answer to your question first. Someone else may have already posted the same question. You can go to the Forum Board Index to check out all three or choose from the options below.

NOTE: You will need to register for the forums in order to post a thread. If you need help registering, please review the instructions below.

CiviCRM How To

Get help with all aspects of CiviCRM. We know it's complex. We're here to help!

Drupal How To

There's lots of stuff you can do in Drupal that you probably don't even know about. Check out how others may be using Drupal to their advantage.

Technical Support & Troubleshooting

Do you have Tech support questions that don't fit the other forums? Ask it here.

A manual on how to use the forum system and how to personalize your forum settings:

Forum FAQ

How To Register for the Forum

To post to the forum you must register for the forum.

To register:

  1. Go to:
  2. Click the Register link on the upper right menu (Register - Login - Forum - Search - FAQ)
  3. Click the I agree to these terms button
  4. Enter a Username
  5. Enter your E-mail address
  6. Confirm your e-mail address
  7. Enter a Password
  8. Confirm your password (and make a note of it for future use!)
  9. Select your Timezone
  10. Answer the CONFIRMATION OF REGISTRATION question
  11. Click the Submit button
  12. GingerFeet will be notified that you have set up an account, and we will then activate the account
  13. Once the account is activated, you will be notified

After notification you will be able to login and post a thread to any of the forums. Cheers!