Working with Photo Galleries

Photo galleries in Gingerfeet are created by what is called a "View" in Drupal. This functionality makes it easy for users to add and modify galleries and easily upload photos to it. They have their limitations, though. Galleries and individual photos added to them are added in descending order, meaning the last galleries/photos you add will appear first, and because the "view" is created dynamically, there is no way to upload many photos at once. You'll need to add them one-by-one. Keep this in mind when working with galleries.

Creating New Galleries and Adding Photos

  1. From the Administration Menu across the top of your screen, select Content Management → Create Content → Gallery.
  2. Give your gallery a name such as June Work Party or July Golf Tournament.
  3. Add a description of this gallery if you'd like.
  4. Under URL Path Settings, type a name for your gallery. A teaser of your gallery is presented on the main gallery list, so to keep a consistent naming convention, Gingerfeet recommends you set a URL Path of
    gallery-list/the_name_of_your_gallery. This creates consistency for your users and search engines. Be sure to use underscores to separate words in your gallery names.
  5. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page. Your gallery (or album) has been created.
  6. Click the Add Photo link.
  7. Give your image a title (mandatory) and description (optional).
  8. Click the Browse button and navigate to an image on your local desktop. Be sure that the name of your file (image) does not contain spaces or special characters. The system will not allow these images to appear. If you upload photos and they don't appear, check your file name. Use underscores ( _ ) only to separate words in file names. Remember, there is also a limitation on file size: 2MB. Any image greater than 2MB, will be rejected.
  9. Click the Upload button to upload your image. Your images will automatically be sized for your galleries.
  10. Give your image a name if you wish under URL Path Settings and click the Save button. Giving your images a name will help you to identify them later. Gingerfeet recommends a consistent naming convention such as

Naming Convention for Photo Galleries

Add Photo Link

Modifing an Existing Gallery

Gingerfeet has created a sample gallery for you. You may use this sample gallery by modifying the gallery title, description and URL Path Setting, deleting the sample photos we've added and adding your own photos to it.

Find and Delete Sample Photos

  1. From the Administration Menu across the top of your screen, select Content Management → Content Management Filter.
  2. Click the radio button Node Type. This will allow you to narrow your search to only the Image node type.
  3. Choose Image from the dropdown field next to Node Type.
  4. Click the Filter button. The list will return only Image node types.
  5. Click the checkbox next to any sample images.
  6. From the Update Options dropdown, choose Delete.
  7. Click the Update button. Please make sure you have chosen the correct images to delete. This action cannot be undone.

Modify the Gallery Title, Description and URL Path Setting

  1. From the Secondary Links click Photos. Secondary Links are usually located in either the left or right sidebar on your pages.
  2. Click the gallery title, usually Album One.
  3. Click the Edit button on the page. You can then modify the Title, Description and URL Path Setting as defined above in Creating New Galleries and Adding Photos.