Working with Content: Editing Tools

What's a WYSIWYG Editor?

GingerFeet uses a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) text editor called CKEditor. When your page is in Edit mode, the WYSIWYG editor is available in the Body field. This editor allows you to edit your page or item with the same type of toolbar buttons you are familiar with in other word processing applications.

The WYSIWYG CK Editor and Button Description

Cut, Copy, and Paste Text in the Body Field

While in Edit mode for a page or item, in the Body field:

To cut:

Highlight the text or image you wish to cut and click the Cut icon, or use the keyboard shortcut:

    On a Windows PC: Ctrl+X
  • On a MAC: Cmd+X

To copy:

Highlight the text or image you wish to copy and click the Copy icon, or use the keyboard shortcut:

  • On a Windows PC: Ctrl+C
  • On a MAC: Cmd+C

To paste:

Place the cursor in the content area to place the copied information and click the Paste icon, or use the keyboard shortcut:

  • On a Windows PC: Ctrl+V
  • On a MAC: Cmd+V


If you are pasting text from your current website or from an application like Microsoft Word, it is important to use the Paste As Plain Text or Paste from Word feature on your CKEditor. Websites and text editing applications add formatting that may make your site content look wonky! This feature eliminates that formatting and lets your theme do it's work. They are the second and third Paste commands from the left. If you have a mound of text to paste into a page, you can also use the Remove Formatting feature on your CKEditor. On CKEditor, it is located in the top row, fifth section, second button from the left. Paste your text, then select all of it and click on Remove Formatting.

Change the Title of a Page

  1. Navigate to the page you wish to edit. You'll see two links at the top of the page: View & Edit.
  2. Click on the Edit link. The page now opens in Edit mode.
  3. In the Title field (with red asterisk), type in your new title.
  4. This will modify the title on the page.

  5. In the Menu Link Title field, type in the same new title to match.
  6. This will modify the title on the menu.

  7. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  8. Click the Save button to save your changes.

Turn On and Off (Publish/Unpublish) GingerFeet Pre-Built Pages

There are approximately 75 pre-built pages with your GingerFeet subscription. You can turn these pages on and off at your discretion by Publishing and Unpublishing them.


We recommend that you do not delete pages. By enabling or disabling, pages continue to be available for future use.