How to Format a PDF Letter Using PDF Page Formatting

To create a new PDF Page Format:

  • Navigate Administer -> Configure -> PDF Page Formats.
  • Click the Add PDF Page Format button.
  • Enter a Name & Description (if desired).
  • Check the checkbox for Is this PDF Page Format the default? if the format will be your default PDF format.
  • Select the Paper Size (Note the envelope sizes!), Orientation (make sure you check how the Width x Height changes so that you know you're getting what you expect), and Unit of Measure (if applicable) from their respective drop-downs.
  • Enter your Margins.
  • Click the Save button.

Using a Page Format:

  • Navigate to a contact record or perform a search for multiple records.
  • Click the Actions button (or select your multiple contacts in your search results and click the Actions drop-down).
  • Select Print PDF Letter from the menu.
  • Expand the Page Format field set.
  • Select a format from the Select Format drop-down (if different from the default).
  • Edit the format if necessary.
  • If you select a different format than default and modify the settings, an Update Page Format (this will affect all templates that use this format) checkbox will appear which will automatically update the Page Format you've selected when you print the letter(s).