CiviCRM Dashboards

Dashboards are pages that provide an overview of the section. They are an easy was to at–a–glance see what's happening. The Home, Contributions, Events, Pledges, and Memberships sections all have Dashboards.

Dashlets are snapshots of reports or information. You can modify your Home Dashboard to have it display different Dashlets.

Modify your Home Dashboard

  1. On the CiviCRM Home page, click the Configure Your Dashboard button.
  2. You now see a gray bar titled Available Dashlets, and two boxes below titled Left Column and Right Column.

    Available dashboard elements or dashlets are in the dark gray top bar. If you do not see any, this means no reports were created or configured for your dashboard yet.

  3. Drag and drop dashlets onto the left or right columns below to add them to your dashboard.
  4. Changes save automatically.

  5. Click the Done button to return to the normal dashboard view.

Creating a Report Dashlet for Your Home Dashboard

  1. In the Administration Menu across the top of your screen, select Reports.
  2. From the drop-down menu, select Report Detail or Report Summary for the report you want to be able to view from your Home Dashboard.
  3. Now you see Report Criteria and/or Report Settings below your page title.

  4. Click on the arrow next to Report Settings (below your Page Title) to expand the section and view your options.


    If you do not see Report Settings for the report you selected, then it is not available for a Dashlet.

    You now see all the options for Report Settings.

  6. Scroll down the page to the Other Settings section.
  7. In the Available for Dashboard row, check the box next to Users with appropriate permissions can add this report to their dashboard.
  8. Right below, click the Update Report button.

You now see a notice that your report is updated.

The Dashlet is now available to be included on your Home Page. To include the Dashlet see, Modify Your Home Dashboard.

Delete/Remove Dashlet from Dashboard

  1. In the Administration Menu at the top of your page, select Home → CiviCRM
  2. Click the Configure Your Dashboard button.
  3. Click on the X on the right hand side of the Dashlet you want to Delete or Remove.
  4. A dialogue box opens asking Do you want to remove this dashlet as an 'Available Dashlet', AND delete it from all users' dashboards?

  5. Click the OK button.
  6. Changes save automatically.

  7. Click the Done button to return to the normal dashboard view.